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Answer for garden grub problem

    The most probable identification of the gardener's grubs are either June Beetle larve or Chafer beetle larve that
belong to the white grub complex of turfgrass insect pests.

These websites offer more information on the identification and biology of these critters.

Organic control can be obtained with a couple choices.  See below.  The gardener who sent in the problem actually told us she talked to Tony Sarah, of Magic Garden Nursery, in Tucson, and he had a nice organic solution that she used.  Tony provided  her with a box of "Beneficial Nematodes" that he had on hand at his store. The product is produced by Orcon of Los Angeles CA.  A few applications at specific times of the year will take care of the white grub problem.

Grub control options:
Option 1: Biological white grub control: Bacterial Milky Disease problem.problem.
The bacterial milky diseases, Bacillus popilliae Dutky, has been quite effective at controlling the grubs in certain areas of the eastern United States. The spore count must build up for 2 -3 years to be effective and during this time you should not use an insecticide against the grubs that are needed to complete the bacterium cycle. In Ohio and Kentucky, test trials have not produced satisfactory results. Additional experiments are needed to determine the lack of efficacy of milky disease in these soils

Option 2: Biological white grub control: Entomopathogenic Nematodes
Parasitic nematodes have recently become commercially available. Products containing strains of Steinernema carpocapsae (Biosafe, Biovector, Exhibit, Scanmask) have been marginally effective against white grubs. Preparations containing Heterorhabditis spp. seem to be more effective. Apply the nematodes when the white grubs are small. Irrigate before and after applying the nematodes

Control information provided from the American-lawns web site:

More information on biological control can be found on these web links:

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